Shindig! Issue 55 (Bespoke print copy)(published: 04/05/2016)



White Denim The Texan art-rockers hit the UK

The Clangers Strange reflections from outer space

Kvartetten Som Sprängde Short-lived Swedish prog-jazz pioneers

Charles Bradley 21st century soul legend tells all

Trembling Bells Free thinking and freeform. It ain’t folk

Fifty Foot Hose Groundbreaking electronic psychedelia

Ryley Walker The guitarist and loose cannon hits the road

10cc How four Mancunian journeymen changed pop


Shindiggin’ What’s hot on the Shindig! turntable

Thoughts & Words Your letters and emails

It’s A Happening Thing News from the Shindigverse

Happening Right Now The hottest new bands

20 Questions Legendary singer-songwriter, Graham Nash

Songbook Take a trip to ‘Abergavenny’

Deep Cuts The dark korners of The Kinks’ first classic era

Reviews The best in reissues, new releases, books and live shows

Vinyl Art Frank Zappa’s movie madness

Prize Crossword Win Decca’s beat girls on vinyl

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Dear Shindiggers,

What do 10cc, Graham Nash, White Denim, Ryley Walker,

Mike Cooper, Quilt, Fifty Foot Hose, The Kinks, Trembling

Bells, Charles Bradley, Yeti Lane, The Clangers and Marty Wilde

have in common? They’re all in Shindig! issue #55, that’s what!

We don’t want to say time is passing fast, but this issue marks

one year since the proverbial shit hit the fan. Crazy, huh? That

mere “thorn in our foot” was swiftly tweezed out by the good

folk at Silverback, and we haven’t looked back since. A change

is good. Take White Denim, who splintered in two, thought the

end was nigh and then regrouped with new members to

consider what it was they wanted from being in a band and

found their true path. For us thinking about what we wanted to

do with Shindig! was something we unknowingly had to do.

Graham Nash has also been through some serious shake-ups and

has always returned stronger.

So let’s get that anniversary out of the way. Andy and myself

would like to thank all of you readers for your immense support

and belief through thick and thin. I’d like to welcome Paul

Osborne into the editorial team whilst offering heartfelt

positivity to our brilliant ad manager Alan, and to Tom, Louisa

and Andy at Silverback Publishing for having faith in what we

do and nurturing us into a soon to be monthly. Phew!

I take it that our growing readership approve of our now

somewhat more open remit and appreciate how we occasionally

go into uncharted territory. Wouldn’t it be boring if you always

knew what was coming? 10cc have been one of the acts that a

number of readers have mentioned loving, so here they are.

Covering their late ’60s growth into 10cc through to the split of

the core band in 1976, Michael Bjorn tells their easy come, easy

go tale with an eye on their wacky side. It will certainly gain

them some new fans along the way and make those already won

over by their inimitable charms pull out the records with keen

new ears.

As always there are plenty of other artists covered in the

magazine from the big to the unknown, the harmonious to the

heavy, the straight to the far out. Do keep an eye on our site

and social media feeds for more news, views and hullabaloos too

– and don’t forget to tune into our monthly podcast, it’s always

worth a listen!

Lay back and enjoy,

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills,


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