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Shindig! No.36

In a city celebrated for its revolutionaries and innovators, San Francisco Bay area’s COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH were easily its most outspoken, taboo-busting, mind-bending gang of dubious reprobates of the ’60s. Okay, so maybe they didn’t – as many devotees claim – actually stop The Vietnam War, but they sure showed middle America how to spell FUCK, transformed creaky old jazz standards into raging anti-war protests and had their sweaty brows mopped by Janis Joplin. Along the way they played some of the most devastatingly brain cell-melting acid-rock ever etched onto vinyl. So now, children, if you’re sitting comfortably, JOHNNY BLACK will give you an F…

PRINCIPAL EDWARDS MAGIC THEATRE began life as a multi-media performance collective fired by folk, psychedelia, dance, poetry and lights. They were still kicking against the mainstream when they called it a day in the mid-70s.
RICHARD NASH finds a seat next to the band

From the rock ’n’ roll era of the late ’50s through to the glam years of the early ’70s, BIG JIM SULLIVAN spent most of his time criss-crossing the studios of London as the pre-eminent session guitarist of his generation. By his own estimation, he played on around 900 hit records, including 55 British #1 singles.
(Unfortunately in the editing process a small piece of text was omitted from this article – click here to see the missing text online or here to download a PDF.)

THE ARTWOODS were very much the nearly men of Britain’s mid-60s R&B boom. Their innovative take on African-American blues, uncompromising gig schedule and relentless work ethic ensured that while they were eclipsed by fellow R&B contemporaries like The Animals and The Yardbirds, they became revered by fans, musicians and critics alike.
MATTHEW LIAM FOGG gets the lowdown from guitarist and founder member, DEREK GRIFFITHS.

As lead singer and songwriter of perhaps the genre defining UK pop-psych group Kaleidoscope, PETER DALTREY helmed two classic albums before furthering their eloquent template with Fairfield Parlour and an ongoing solo career. Forty-odd years on, Peter is once again performing as Kaleidoscope.
JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS talks muses, clobber and the countryside with the godfather

THE ORGONE BOX created one of the high watermarks of ’90s psychedelic pop. So why has its creator RICK CORCORAN decided now is the time to revisit it?
ANDY MORTEN finds out

In the often hectic world of ’60s record production a single by a group could easily be in the shops within a few weeks of being recorded. For London psychsters THE PURPLE BARRIER, however, there was something of a delay with their debut 45… about 46 years to be precise.
NIGEL LEES enlarges upon the dawn finally breaking through

Kooky cat with a dead dog. JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS ponders what makes new maverick genius DIANE COFFEE so special.
Although they’ve never set foot in England, the authentic late ’60s Muswell Hill vibe of Canada’s SHADOW FOLK has entranced ASHLEY NORRIS.
Happy kids TRIPTIDES live the post-student dorm dream and create affecting, warped sunshine rock. PHIL ISTINE heads to the basement for more on the scoop.


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