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Silverback Publishing was set up in 2013 to fulfill the need for specialist consumer magazines. In 2016 the business branched out into the business to business markets with a range of sporting goods publications.

With a combined monthly print run of over 85,000 copies, we take print very seriously! We are very proud of our publications, with the help of our partners and writers we believe we produce some of the most exciting, informative, fantastically designed and best-looking magazines that are out there.

We believe in print, it is nondistracting and engages the reader directly, there is a personal relationship made when someone picks up a publication to read it. A magazine doesn’t need charging, has no pop-ups to distract you, is tangible can be passed on easily and read anywhere.

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Launched back in 2005, Retro Ford Magazine has been long been the alternative read for Ford enthusiasts with a love for the classics that have a little bit more ‘poke’ than normal. Since taking on the magazine in 2015 it has been given a new lease of life with an ever increasing readership.

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Shindig! is a monthly magazine that brings the scope and knowledge of old fanzines and specialist rock titles to a larger readership: quality journalism, columns, music and film history; exciting new bands and culture. From the most far-out ’60s sounds through country-rock and folk to soul and electronic experimentation. It’s all there.

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U K Rock&Roll Magazine is the most widely read magazine rock’n’roll magazine on the planet. It combines coverage of the roots of rock’n’roll with in-depth coverage of what’s happening now in the wide, wild and wonderful world of rock’n’roll, from rockabilly to jive and swing, from British rock’n’roll to psychobilly and vintage R&B, and all points in-between.

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SGB Outdoor


Launched over 15 years ago SGB Outdoor has been read and respected as a resource by independent and multiple outdoor and active retailers up and down the UK. SGB Outdoor is a bi-monthly printed publication and e-zine covering the very best products and services available to the Outdoor retailer.

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