Shindig! Issue 5 (Bespoke Print, July-Aug 2008)


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IT’S A HAPPENING THING! : News and previews. Love, The Magnificent Brotherhood, Mellow Candle, The Beep Seals, The Late and more.

TWENTY QUESTIONS: Peter Noone lets rip. By DAVID BASH.

PSYCHSPLOITATION CINEMA: Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. Five ‘classics’ ripped apart. By AUSTIN MATTHEWS.

WYNONIE HARRIS: The man who makes Elvis look like Doris Day. By DAVE PENNY.

JACKIE LEE: From ’50s crooning to ’60s Northern Soul to ’70s pop. The Rupert lady tells all. By JEANETTE LEECH.

WEST COAST POP-ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND: Part one of the most full-on, in-depth story ever written about this amazing cult band. By TIM FORSTER.

THE PINK FAIRIES: A new book follows the fortunes of the infamous West London pre-punks. By RICH DEAKIN.

MARK FRY: Why did it take 35 years for him to follow up his early ’70s acid-folk masterpiece? By JEFF PENCZAK.

JAZZ PSYCH: No, we didn’t just make it up. An introductory guide. By MARK WINKELMANN.

SAN FRANCISCO: 1967: The summer of love and the Death of Hippie. The final instalment of our in-depth timeline. By JOHNNY BLACK.

MAD RIVER: The out there world of the second generation SF psych rockers. By JOHNNY BLACK.

HUMAN BE-IN: The day in January ’67 when a whole world seemed to be at one. By PATRICK LUNDBORG.

REVIEWS: 20 pages of the hottest reissues, compilations, new releases, DVDs and books.

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