Shindig! Issue 109 Bespoke (On sale 5th Nov 20)



Uriah Heep  The early days of hard-rock’s humblest heroes

Trees  Acid-folk Albion and ‘Jane Delawney’ at 50

Baby Huey The larger than life cult soul showman’s rise and fall

Neu! Sonic explorations and the motorik beat

The Byrds

Chris Hillman leads the fracturing quartet into Younger Than Yesterday


Thoughts & Words  Your letters, tweets and emails

It’s A Happening Thing  Daniel Romano, Andy Bell, Van Duren, of Arrowe Hill, Elvis Perkins, Easy Browns, The Nude Party, Skyway Man, Home Movies, Andrew Carroll, Lovechild, The Alex Butterfi eld, The Sound Station, Southeast Of Saturn, Neil Harrison, The Moons

Shindiggin’  What’s hot on the Shindig! turntable

Family Album  Richard Brautigan’s Listening To Richard Brautigan

Deep Cuts  Emerson, Lake & Palmer: pre-fame bands, productions and collaborations.

20 Questions  Andy Ellison of John’s Children, Jet and Radio Stars

Reviews  The best in reissues, new releases, 45s and books

Vinyl Art  The B-Sides’ On The Outside

Prize Crossword  Win a copy of Demon Fuzz’s Afreaka!




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