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Dear Shindiggers,

So, Paul Osborne and I went out to Paul Weller’s studio… and I met my childhood hero. Weller was a top host and a great interview. You can read the results in this issue. A reader told me at the last Shindig! night how covering someone so intrinsically influential on so many of us of a certain age was a brilliant, and somewhat daring move… as was covering Broadcast, all those years ago. It’ll be great to know what you think about this. Preferably after you have read the piece.

Shindig! issue #69 has come out somewhat mod with Steve Marriott, Steve Ellis and more. About time too I hear many of you say. Enjoy.

As the world throws yet more shit at us and continues to split apart we can all take time out by immersing ourselves in the superb music we cover. The music plays on… Touching on politics has been unavoidable. Being people who share some of the ideals of the love & peace generation our views have not been taken kindly with a tiny proportion of readers. Whatever your views do let us know. We too, will on occasion express ours. UK citizens will certainly enjoy this show if they haven’t seen it: The Summer Of Love: How Hippies Changed The World

Last Thursday on Soho Radio The Shindig! Broadcast (radio division)  Thomas Patterson and I were joined by Craig from The Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, which was a lot of fun.. Tune in below.

Please email  jon@shindig-magazine.com with your thoughts on everything we do. It’s always good to know. Do so now and you may even win next issue’s Star Letter and gain a nice prize. As you can imagine getting the mag out every month keeps us very busy and we constantly have something on the boil. What we need to know is what you think… what you want to see…. what you want from us. Tell us and we will  listen.

Oh yes, the club nights…  Andy Morten and I will be at The Earl Haig Hall this Friday, June 23rd. We love meeting readers and hope you can make at least one of our nights. They’re always a lot of fun.

You’ll hear from me next month.

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills,

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Steve Marriott: His last ever interview, unpublished until now

The Television Personalities: From Part-Time Punks to twisted outsider music

Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London:  The ultimate Swinging London documentary?

Jim Hendrix: In Vietnam: the final part of our epic story

Paul Weller: From The Jam to A Quiet Revolution: 40 years of change


Shindiggin’: What’s hot on the Shindig! turntable

Thoughts & Words: Your letters and emails

It’s A Happening Thing: The Focus Group, Chris Robinso n Brotherhood, Little Barrie, Fuchsia, Childhood, Hampshire & Foat, The Baron Four

Happening Right Now: The hottest new bands

Family Album:  22 Sun Dial’s 1990 psychedelic milestone

Songbook: A pub-rock throwaway that became an anthem

Deep Cuts:  Girl groups and female singers in The Summer Of Love

20 Questions: Love Affair front man Steve Ellis

Reviews:  The best in reissues, new releases, books and live shows

Vinyl Art:  The Paupers climb aboard the ferry

Prize Crossword:Win Van Morrison anthology… for real this time!

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