Shindig! Issue 2 (Bespoke Print, Jan-Feb 2008)



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MY FAVOURITE THINGS What was new to the eyes, ears and decks of the Shindig! team last year.

DEAD LOSS To those we loved and lost in 2007. By HUGH DELLAR

THOUGHTS AND WORDS Your letters and emails.

TWENTY QUESTIONS Mitch Mitchell on Georgie Fame, The Hollies and that Hendrix chap. By VIC TEMPLAR

SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS Voodoo, coffins and madness. All in a day’s work for Screamin’ Jay. By DAVE PENNY

THE SONICS The Northwest garage heroes blew people’s minds in 1964 and then did it again in 2007. By PAT LONG

MOBY GRAPE The second half of our exclusive in-depth story: 1968 to sometime in the ‘70s. By MIKE FORNATALE

PROCESSION The Aussi psych-pop gods who came to London and should’ve been huge. By NICK WARBURTON

THE FLINTSTONES How ‘60s animation influenced pop music and vice versa. By DOMENIC PRIORE

BUMMER CINEMA Celluloid loner flicks with groovy soundtracks. By ERIC REIDELBERGER

JUDY DYBLE Original Fairport Convention vocalist returns with The Conspirators in tow. By KINGSLEY ABBOTT

WENDY & BONNIE Teenage sisters create evergreen soft-pop masterpiece. By JEANETTE LEECH

GARY WALKER & THE RAIN Lysergic guitar pop, big in Japan, the former Brother rocks! By STEFAN GRANADOS

GARAGE FASHION Cuban heels, drain pipe jeans and bowl cuts: a history. By ARTHUR CRAVAN

REVIEWS 24 pages of the hottest reissues, compilations, new releases, books and DVDs.

Includes Arthur Cravan’s Caravan Of Soul and Pop Goes The World plus interviews with Curt Newbury, The Chesterfield Kings and

Graham Day & The Gaolers

PATRICK THE LAMA’S ESOTERIC TRIPS The Lama’s guide to obscure Canadian psounds.

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