Witches Hats & Painted Chariots: The Incredible String Band and the 5,000 Layers of Psychedelic Folk Music



The Incredible String Band: the whole story РAlbum-by-album critiques РSolo work РTheir legacy and influence on 21st century bands РComus РMark Fry РPrincipal Edwards Magic Theatre РSpirogyra РForest РDr Strangely Strange РThe Wicker Man РMedieval folk-rock of the 70s РThird Ear Band РCirculus and more. Witches Hats & Painted Chariots covers a broad spectrum of British underground folk-rock from a lengthy selection of articles on acid-folk pioneers The Incredible String Band to the acts that followed in their footsteps. Folk and psychedelia held hands around the maypole while drug-inspired lyricism collided with traditional music, pagan mythology and spiritualism to create a sound and lifestyle that still resonate today. This delightfully-designed book overflows with sumptuous visuals and exclusive features no one has presented the work and influence of the String Band with such vivid colour and insight.

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