Shindig! Issue 46 (bespoke copy) (published: 03/08/2015)



Shindig! No.46

The Summer of 1966. As England swung in a Union Jack fog of mini-skirted dolly birds, World Cup victory celebrations and London-centric art, music and films, the group responsible for its musical soundtrack was in disarray.
Brow-beaten and world-weary after two years of non-stop activity, THE KINKS, and in particular their leader Ray Davies, unravelled spectacularly at the precise moment their international breakthrough seemed assured. As their photos adorned every magazine cover in the country and nary a week passed when they weren’t ensconced safely in the Top 10, both here and abroad, Britain’s third band entered a period of darkness blighted by legal nightmares, personnel changes and nervous breakdowns.
ANDY MORTEN paints a picture as black as the intended cover for The Kinks’ ’66 album, Face To Face

In a sincere and revealing final interview, BLUE CHEER bassist Dickie Peterson tells FREDDY VILLANO about his formative years in North Dakota, the birth of “the first metal band” and the majesty of being San Francisco’s heaviest s

It’s Christian Rock, Jim, but not as we know it.
GEORGE CANON follows psychedelic rock band THE MIND GARAGE out of underground clubs and into church

In this extract from a new book in which he explores the nuanced connections between rock ’n’ roll and the occult during the years of rock’s coming of age, PETER BEBERGAL looks at the growing popularity of witchcraft in the late ’60s, and the song that may have helped usher in its revival

JEFF SIMMONS, the afro-sporting leader of legendary Seattle psych band Easy Chair and one-time Frank Zappa sidekick also made a damn  ne solo album in 1970 for Zappa’s Straight label, Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up.
RICHARD ALLEN recently caught up with Jeff following the release of Easy Chair’s rare one-sided demo album on World In Sound

The inimitable JERRY WILLIAMS (AKA SWAMP DOGG) has, over the course of seven decades, recorded more legendary artists and released more records than virtually all of his more celebrated contemporaries.
With a new album in the can the veteran soul singer, songwriter and producer gives Shindig! lessons in life, love and grossing people out

Soundtrack obsessive JONNY TRUNK marvels at the length of time it has taken for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 cult classic HOLY MOUNTAIN to gain a vinyl release

The enigmatic Josh Tillman returns as FATHER JOHN MISTY with a scathing, witty and beautiful album.
TOM PATTERSON talks about leaving the “sad wizard” music behind him, change, love and that funny name

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